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Our headquarters is located at:
452 NE 32nd St
Oakland ParkFL 33334

Phone: 877-ZZR-FILM (877-997-3456)


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it true that tinting protects from UV rays?

    Films on glass, when applied correctly, do not distort the view of drivers. In fact, a tinted window with the appropriate color density improves visibility,

    Reducing potentially dangerous glare from the sun, as well as protecting from dangerous sun rays, as well as glare from snow, reflections from windows and lights from other vehicles.

    Can tint dull my vision in the future?

    No, tinting does not harm the sight of any driver, on the contrary,

    It improves and stabilizes the exterior lights and gives you privacy and protection

    Is it true that polarizing allows you to see outward normally?

    It is true, from the inside out you can see the visualization quality very well, instead from the outside in it is very difficult to see depending on the thickness of the layer.